François-Xavier Coudert

Researcher at CNRS & Chimie ParisTech

Latest news

Nature Materials

Promoting low-temperature melting of MOFs with pressure, our latest work has been published in Nature Materials!
Nature Communications

Our work on Air separation with “defective” graphene has been published in Nature Communications!
Nature Chemistry

Our work on Liquid MOFs is on the cover of Nature Materials’s November 2017 issue!
Nature Chemistry

Our perspective on defects, disorder and flexibility in metal-organic frameworks, published in Nature Chemistry’s January 2017 issue!
A pressure-amplifying framework material with negative gas adsorption transitions
Nature DUT-49
Highly flexible MOF DUT-49 (from the Kaskel group in Dresden) shows negative gas adsorption! Upon adsorption, it contracts abruptly (50% decrease in volume) and expels gas molecules from its pores. Using a combination of in situ characterization and computational techniques, we explain why in our Nature letter.
Nature Chemistry

Our work on CO2 solvation in molten carbonates, and formation of the pyrocarbonate anion (C2O52–), published in Nature Chemistry (on February 29th)!
Nature Chemistry

Our work on Supramolecular Analogues of Frustrated Magnets, published in Nature Chemistry (February 2016)!
Nature Chemistry

Our work on Controlled Partial Interpenetration in MOFs, published in Nature Chemistry (January 2016)!

“Up-and-coming” invited Perspective on Stimuli-Responsive Metal–Organic Frameworks and Framework Materials in Chem. Mater. And the cover of the March 2015 issue!
Nature Communications

Correlated defect nanoregions in a metal–organic framework, Nature Communications (2014)
MolSim cover

Molecular Simulation special issue on Framework Materials, guest, co-edited with Tina Düren (University of Bath)