François-Xavier Coudert

Researcher at CNRS & Chimie ParisTech

I work at Institut de Recherche de Chimie Paris, a joint CNRS / Chimie ParisTech research institute, in the Theoretical Chemistry & Modeling team. My research group there is centered mainly on molecular simulation at various scales, covering first principles methods (quantum chemistry calculations, ab initio molecular dynamics), classical methods (force field-based molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo), and mesoscopic modeling.

Below is a list of current and past members of the group.

Permanent staff

Alain Fuchs
President of PSL
Professor at Université Pierre et Marie Curie
François-Xavier Coudert
Researcher at CNRS (Chargé de recherche)

Current members

Guillaume Fraux
PhD student
Wenke Li
PhD student, in collaboration with Wuhan University of Technology
Siwar Chibani
Post-doctoral researcher
Antoine Carof
Post-doctoral researcher, in collaboration with Rodolphe Vuilleumier (ENS)
Thibaud Dreher
Post-doctoral researcher
Emmanuel Ren
MSc student

Former group members

Romain Gaillac
PhD student (2015–2018), now work at Air Liquide
Elsa Perrin
PhD student (2015–2018), in collaboration with Anne Boutin (ENS) and Martin Schoen (TU Berlin), now at Saint-Gobain
Jack D. Evans
Post-doctoral researcher (2015–2017), in collaboration with Lydéric Bocquet (ENS), now at TU Dresden
Liam Wilbraham
PhD student (2014–2017), in collaboration with Ilaria Ciofini, now at University College London
https://scholar.google.fr/citations?user=mKrmSTQAAAAJClarisse Péan
Post-doctoral researcher (2015–2017)
Jean-Mathieu Vanson
PhD student (2013–2016), in collaboration with Mikaela Klotz (Saint Gobain) and Anne Boutin (ENS)
Daniela Kohen
Visiting professor (2015–2016), from Carleton College
Fabien Trousselet
Post-doctoral researcher (2014–2016)
Dominika Lesnicki
Post-doctoral researcher (2015), now at Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz
Dario Corradini
Post-doctoral researcher (2014–2015), now at Phys. Rev. X
Aurélie Ortiz
PhD student (2011–2014), now at Saint Gobain Recherche
David Bousquet
PhD student (2010–2014), now at Saint Gobain Recherche
Quang-Tri Doan
Post-doctoral researcher (2012–2013), now at Université polytechnique de Hanoi
Marta De Toni
PhD student (2009–2012), now at Sanofi
Carlos Triguero
Post-doctoral researcher (2010–2012), now at Queen's University Belfast
Jorge Peixinho
Post-doctoral researcher (2010–2011), now CNRS Researcher in Le Havre
Selvarengan Paranthaman
Post-doctoral researcher (2009), now at Kalasalingam University
Alexander Neimark
Visiting professor (2009–2010), from Rutgers University

Former Master's students (6-month internship)